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What are BSX Trailers? What are they used for?

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Are you looking for a trailer that has a range of uses?

A BSX Trailer is a trailer that can be used for general use; no matter what you need to transport, these trailers are exactly what you need, offering flexibility.

BSX Trailers can be ideal for transporting camping equipment if you’re going on holiday, they offer sufficient storage allowing you to pack for all weathers! Alternatively, gardeners could benefit from a BSX Trailer- they offer safe transportation when carrying heavy equipment such as lawn mowers as well a garden material that needs to be taken to be disposed of.

Perhaps you’re a sports enthusiast? Do you wish you had the opportunity to drive somewhere and take your mountain bike with you? Our BSX Trailers at Leyland Leisure Sales have been designed for multi-use- ensuring your needs are met.

What do BSX Trailers have to offer?


Are you looking for a reliable trailer?You need something that offers suitability and has a solid frame. BSX Trailers have been manufactured to be stable after all this is the basis of a good trailer! A BSX Trailer also has a high-quality axle, ensuring transportation is easy and convenient- providing support for various loads!


If you are towing a trailer, it is extremely important that you are visible to other road users, for the safety of yourself and others! What if you’re travelling somewhere in the dark, and you’re towing a trailer? You need to be seen by other vehicles hence why the BSX Trailers have lights installed that are in sync with your car lights (e.g. indicators and brake lights). At Leyland Leisure Sales, our lighting is far greater than reflectors- we ensure you can be seen more effectively!

Optimal payload

Regardless of the size of the load you want to transport, a BSX Trailer is ideal because they have been designed to transport up to a maximum of 2095kg. Remarkably, these trailers have been created using lightweight material which explains why they are so easy to attach to a vehicle and tow. BSX Trailers are made from aluminium; taking advantage of their lightweight properties and lasting strength!

So, if you’re looking to transport camping equipment or household waste, Leyland Leisure Sales have Anssems Trailers that have immense capacities!


Do you want a trailer that can be used on more than one occasion? A BSX Trailer can transport various load sizes, meeting your specific requirements. Whether you need to maximise the space you have, a BSX Trailers offers the opportunity to fold the headboard, making it far easier to transport longer objects that are often awkward to fit into a standard trailer.

Leyland Leisure Sales stocks BSX Trailers that can be used for domestic projects such as home renovationsoffering a safe fit for furniture, or even transporting garden waste to a recycling centre.

Why Leyland Leisure Sales for BSX Trailers?

At Leyland Leisure Sales, our BSX Trailers are renowned for their strength and dependability. An example of one of our general-use trailers is the Anssems BSX 1400-251, having a capacity of up to 1130kg. This trailer is lightweight but can hold more than our Anssems BSX 750-205! The BSX 1400-251 has running lights, this links to the importance of visibility when transporting a load.

At Leyland Leisure Sales,our trailers are made from aluminium and come with a modern retractable jockey wheel- making transportation convenient.