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Car rental is commonplace, nowadays. Especially during a trip, when you are away from home and don’t want to give up the convenience and independence of having a car.

 The situation changes slightly when you want to rent a luxury car.

 The exclusivity of these cars, their use, most often for business, and the scarce information about luxury car rental services tend to limit the diffusion of this phenomenon. While the brands of Hertz, Avis and Europcar are now well known for the traditional rental market, in addition to portals that compare the offers of different operators, the same cannot be said for luxury car rentals. Or perhaps you could not say the same, until now.

 Vroomerz aims to revolutionise the phenomenon of luxury car rental.

By operating as a real aggregator, Vroomerz’s website brings together numerous partners involved in luxury car rentals, each subject to a prior evaluation of their services and fleets before admission to the platform.

 Every car on Vroomerz is then presented with its real photos, which are accompanied by authentic presentation cards so that you can rent your favourite luxury car, not only according to the model, but also with regard to colour or accessories. Vroomerz guarantees that chosen model, not just the category, as is usually the case with car rentals.

 Renting a luxury car with Vroomerz is also very simple:

  1. Inserting rental information consists of the following: collection and drop-off locations for the car, collections and drop-off dates and times
  2. Model selection
  3. Online payment through a secure system

In conclusion, renting a luxury car with Vroomerz is safe, simple and intuitive as well as fast, also thanks to the utter transparency on all available cars and their features.