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Three Ways Technology is Increasing Safety in the Auto Industry

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Car accidents will never be eliminated 100%; with this in mind, more and more manufacturers are including car safety features to help reduce the occurrence of accidents on the road. Drivers who want to learn more about accidents, how to avoid them, or technological safety features to look for in a new car can start their search online. Not only to find the right car, but also what to do in the event of an accident, if you have to hire a lawyer, or what steps to take following an accident where you are not at fault. What safety features should you look for today? 

1. Back up cameras – 
Yes, this simple intuitive addition to car can truly help reduce accidents on the road, or even backing out of a driveway or parking space. The simple camera not only allows you to see what is behind you or to your sides, but many cars also have audible features which inform you if an object or car (pedestrian) is in your blind spot while backing up. This makes it safer to go in reverse, improves range of motion, and helps you eliminate possible crashes. 

2. Lane departure and collision features – 
A simple light on your dashboard or rear view mirror will inform you if a car is in your blind spot. This basic technology helps drivers who are distracted, who can’t see an object in their blind spot, or who do not use a turn signal, avoid an accident. Not only will the car inform you if there is an object you can’t see, but if you do not use your turn signal to switch lanes, many cars will use a feature which doesn’t allow you to change lanes. Not only does this force drivers to use their signals, but also helps them see areas which their eyes simply can’t see when driving. 

3. Smart crash prevention – 
Features like lane departure or off road departure systems, auto braking, and even auto driving cars, are becoming more and more popular on the road today. Why? These cars not only make it safer and easier for you to drive, they are going to function as a back up for the distracted driver, or a driver who is simply moving a little too slowly when driving in extremely dangerous conditions. Whether you aren’t paying attention, don’t brake on time, or accidentally swerve too far, cars will auto correct or brake for you, to avoid an accident you don’t even anticipate is ahead of you. 

Even with these safety features in place, accidents are going to take place. But, they are going to be greatly reduced; and, if you are involved in an accident where you aren’t at fault, with the right safety features in place, you can minimize the injuries which are going to occur. When choosing a new car today, these are a few of the many technological advances you should look for, and some of the new design features to consider when the time comes to choose a safe car to purchase.