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Things You Should Know Before Shipping Your Ride

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Whether you are shipping your prized antique automobile, your fancy new Harley, or your regular driver to your new home across the country, there are some things you should know. Since most of us don’t use vehicle shipping companies often, this can be a completely new experience. Follow along with the tips below to ensure your shipping process goes smoothly.

Understand The Different Methods Of Shipping

A large portion of the risk of transportation is let to the method that is used. There are open and closed containers in which you may choose to have your ride shipped in. In an open trailer, your vehicle is left out in the conditions of the environment. This means your car could take flying rocks, heavy snow, and other damaging conditions that can be caused due to being outside.

Inside containers, also called enclosed trailers, better protect your car from the outside environment and unexpected events, such as theft. However, realize these are typically more expensive than open trailers. In most cases, when shipping a motorcycle you will be given an enclosed trailer according to

Read The Company Reviews

Just as you read the reviews for the local restaurants before you head out to dinner, you should be reading the reviews of potential carrier companies before hiring them. Real people can give you the opinions you need of whether or not your ride will be safe with that specific transport company.

Ensure They Have Cargo Insurance

The transport company you are thinking of hiring should have a Certificate of Insurance. Be sure to ask to see the certificate and verify what their coverage limits are. Depending on the vehicle or motorcycle you intend on shipping, ensure the coverage limit is well in excess of what your ride is worth. You don’t want to be left trying to sue the transport company to get your remaining money after the insurance company pays out their limit.

Understand Pickup And Dropoff Locations

Depending on the equipment that is used and the scheduling of the transport company, the location and time of the pickup can change. For example, let’s assume you are moving across the country. You are leaving next Monday, but the transport company won’t have anyone in your area until Tuesday.

If you don’t have anyone to meet the transport company on Tuesday, they will likely ask you to drop the vehicle off at a secured lot. This will ensure your vehicle is safe until the transport driver can arrive the next day to pick up the vehicle.

In addition, realize that some cheaper transport companies will offer lower rates in exchange for a longer drop-off timeframe. This could be a gap of a couple days or even a couple weeks. Depending on how quickly you will need your vehicle at the destination will likely determine whether you hire one company over another.

By making yourself knowledgeable in these specific areas of vehicle and motorcycle transportation above, you can ensure that your shipping process goes smoothly and doesn’t cost you a bundle.