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The Difference between Springs and Coilovers

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When discussing suspension systems, the distinction between coilovers and compression springs  is one that many people ask about. The debate over which type is better rages on but it is hard to make an informed decision without knowing what sets one apart from the other. This dilemma comes up when a vehicle needs lowering for the purpose of aesthetics or performance. Your choice of suspension system dictates how well the lowering turns out, which is why you must be sure about the most appropriate one.


Springs are constructed with coils that enable compression and construction during operation. Coilovers are just typical springs that go around as shock as opposed to having it pass right through the middle. It means that the shock and spring work as single elements compared to two separate systems as you will find in conventional suspensions. Coilovers are available in an array of options as different brands cater to varying suspension requirements. The quality of coilovers determines the standards of suspension.


One advantage that coilovers have over lowering springs is that they allow for height adjustments. Some car owners don’t just look to lower vehicles; they want a certain amount of flexibility, which coilovers permit. Alterations can be made depending on weather conditions, for example, when driving in snow, a higher suspension ensures that the undercarriage doesn’t get damaged. The wheel or rim size may also demand height adjustments.

Coilovers cost more than lowering springs, though the prices vary with type. Sleeve type coilovers are not very expensive and are quite similar to lowering springs in design. You can pick the shocks to use with coilover sleeves. A few manufacturers offer drag coilovers to persons who want to re-design their vehicles for drag races. There are also non-shock adjustable coilovers, which allow you to shift the height but not the rebound of cars, and compression or stiffness of shocks. Shock adjustable coilovers, on the other hand, have better shocks. It may take a few tries to achieve the required height with them.

Lowering Springs

Springs are ideal options if you wish to drop your vehicle but don’t have a big budget. Their simplicity also makes them appropriate for people without advanced mechanical skills because their installation is straightforward. For a car owner who is just looking for lowering without the need for adjustment, springs are the way to go. They come with a pre-programmed drop, so you just have to know what you are looking for to pick the right one. It is possible to use tension springs with factory shocks, particularly if your car doesn’t have significant wear. The difference between lowering and factory springs is that the former have high spring rates. One big downside when using this lowering mechanism is that most individuals get different brands for the springs and shocks, which end up being poor matches. The stiffness of the springs may be too much for the shocks or vice versa, subsequently resulting in a vehicle that handles very poorly.

Take the time to analyse the needs of your vehicle and budget before deciding whether to get coilovers or lowering springs. Or speak to the experts at Irvine Springs.