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Mazda CX-3: A brief take

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When we say that you may not have come across an SUV as good as the Mazda CX-3, we are not kidding you. It was the first time when Mazda combined the city friendliness with an enhanced capability car. The SUV packs an all-wheel drive and comes in 3 different models namely; Neo, Maxx and sTouring.

The car also includes 16-inch rims, cruise control, Halogen headlamps and rear parking sensors which makes it an impeccable specimen of class and gadgetry. The model Max even has a reverse camera, a navigation satellite and leather knob for the gear as well as for the steering wheel.

Whereas the sTouring model has 18-inch alloy wheels and is coupled with fog lamps, in addition to front 2-speed wipers. The wipers has a rain sensing function. The used car auction japan is available in a multitude of colors such as red soul, crystal pearl white, meteor grey, titanium flash and deep crystal blue among others.

If we were to take a look under the hood, we’ll find that the SUV has two engines. The engines are powered by lightweight Skyactiv Technology which means that engines are pretty responsive and enjoy extremely economical fuel consumption.

Be it the 2.0 liter petrol or the 1.5 liter turbo diesel, you will enjoy the fuel efficiency under both the cases. With 2.0 liter petrol 4 cylinder the engine is able to sport a 109kW worth of power. Above all, it offers a 270Nm of torque and that too for a mere 4.8 liters of fuel each 100 km. Now, isn’t that something?!

When you take a look at the interior of the vehicle, you can’t help but marvel at it. The insides are laden with the latest in technology. You can input current speed as well as navigation while you are driving and the CAA Auction housecar’s Active Driving Display will help you achieve the focus by any roadside distractions.

Users who have driven this piece of work have exclaimed that this vehicle is both comfortable and fully spacious – good for trips or whatever is on your mind. The back seats can split at a ratio of 60/40 which fits if you are carrying any oddly shaped items on your trip.

When you fold them, you get a virtually flat floor space. This enhances your custom weight carrying capacity even further. It can even hide the any room for a compartment which can be lowered in order to create more space. This way your personal stuff gets a safer treatment as there then lies lots of room.

The exterior is awesome too. It is not only stylish and stand out but also is hailed as something out of the ordinary. The vehicle can be said to be a version of KODO Soul of Motion design. It tends to balance out its athletic presence coupled with simplicity and elegance.

All these things in an SUV is a rare treat. Other features which it packs include colored power mirrors, back spoiler front LED fog lamps as well as LED tail lamps.