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Know what are the signs that is telling you to visit transmission center

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Transmission repairs are undoubtly said one of the expensive car repairs among others but it is essential also. Especially cars with automation of transmission are more expensive where car owner has to pay such amount. At first, it is important to understand that what exactly the role of transmission is in the car. Then, you are suppose to know about signs which can save you from these expensive repairs  as it can minimized once detected in particular time. Opting for transmission repair centers also affect the service and costs, so you should choose repair center like Advanced Transmission center where they have inspection process for domestic as well as international transmission of cars.

Knowing what transmission is:  The operation of controlling the application of power throughout the power transmission system is basically termed as transmission. More strictly speaking, the gear box is prime component of transmission where the rotation or mechanical power is generated and transferred to another device further converting into toque and speed. The torque and speed regulated with gears and gear trains.

Signs you should remember

  1. Difficult gear shifting:  Transmission issues before it become serious problem; need you to be attentive towards car as you can notice it by rough or clumsy gear shifting. If you’re shifting gears and it become noisy, non-smooth and difficult to catch up with high speed, it’s time for transmission repair.
  2. Slipping of gears: If you can feel that the gears slightly become loose or get slipped, that can be also reason for transmission issue. You may feel it more delay on acceleration. It could further result in transmission slips.
  3. Leakage of fluid: it is a straight warning for you to take it for transmission repair if sealed units are leaking. Especially when color of fluid is red or dark red/brown which means that is surely a transmission leakage.
  4. Smell of burning fluid: You may get the smell of burning fluid, rubber or oil that also is sign of transmissions hot fluid leakage.