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5 Quick & Easy Car Maintenance Tips

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Car maintenance is a monumental part of motoring, but that doesn’t make it any less of a drag. To help you out, we’ve teamed up with and have compiled a list of quick and easy car maintenance tips to keep you safe on the roads, especially during the dark evenings of the winter months.

  1. Bodywork

You should wash your car panels with warm water and a sponge every few weeks. Doing this will make you aware of any damage to the bodywork or any rust developing.

If you see any rust developing on your car’s bodywork, go to the garage as soon as possible.

Estimated time taken: 5 minutes

  1. Lights

At least once a week, particularly in the winter, you should check to see if your lights are working. You will need to test the brake lights, the reverse lights, the fog lights, the indicators and the main and full beam lights.

It may be useful for you to sit in the car to test the lights and ask for someone to circle the car as you do it, so they can tell you if the lights are working or not.

If your lights aren’t working, you can buy bulbs from most supermarkets. If you don’t feel comfortable replacing them yourself, you can always go to the garage.

Estimated time taken: 2 minutes

  • Engine oil

To test your engine oil levels, you will need to park your car on an even service. Wait for the engine to cool and pull out the dipstick. Once you have taken the dipstick out, wipe it with a cloth and put it back into the oil. Take it out again and, if the oil is within the parameters, you don’t need to top up your oil.

If the oil is below the parameters, you will need to top it up. You can check your owner’s manual to find out which engine oil you should be using.

You should check your engine oil once per month and every time you take a long journey.

Estimated time taken: 5 minutes

  1. Tyre pressure and condition

Every two weeks, you should check your tyres for any signs of balding or damage. You should also check your tyre pressure using a tyre pressure gauge. If you don’t have a tyre pressure gauge, most garages have one that you can use for free or at a very low cost.

The legal parameters for your tyre pressure is usually found inside the door of the driver’s seat or in your owner’s manual.

If your tyres don’t have the correct amount of air in them, it’s likely that you will be using more fuel than usual.

Estimated time taken: 15 minutes

  1. Screenwash

Legally, you have to have a fully functional screenwash system.

You should check your screenwash levels once every two weeks and keep it topped up with water and a screenwash additive that prevents freezing – especially during the colder times of year.

Estimated time taken: 1 minute